How to choose your size.

Before you make a choice you need to check this first.                                                    Eyewear comes in different sizes just like your shoes and trousers.                                      The size of an eyewear frame is not the width of your head but the distance between your pupils(in mm). You can easily measure this yourself by using a ruler and a mirror.                                     Hold the ruler(start with any number you like) just under your right pupil looking straight ahead at your right eye in the mirror. Keep your head still and look at your left eye. Read the number that is in the middle of your left eye pupil. The sum is your eye size that you need to choose the size of the frame. This should normally be somewhere between 60mm and 70mm. The frame size is the sum of the 2 numbers you see at the info of every frame( for example 48-20=68mm). Note that any frame size lower than your eye size is too small. Also note that any frame size higher or the same than your eye size is ok. This means that the width of your head is NOT the size!