Hi, I'm Roger

and an eyewear designer from the Netherlands.

Before I started my company in 2007 I was a freelance designer for several Dutch eyewear brands.

During my work as an optician for 30 years I noticed a lot of people needed smaller sized eyewear.

Mostly they ended up in the children's section for a frame with a good fit.

"Why wasn't there boutique eyewear in smaller sizes with funky colors and a good fit for adults"? 

The overall eyewear fashion changed after the 1980's and the so called "big evil" fashion brands became influencers and

changed eyewear into a mass production industry, offering basic eyewear in standard sizes and in basic colors.

This had to change...and therefor I started thinking of designs in funky colors that fit peoples faces and their personality.

During my work as optician and freelance designing for other brands, I found a way to create a collection of my own.

This way I was able to offer a colorful, boutique- and affordable eyewear for everyone who wants to differ from all this mass branding eyewear. 

We chose a Korean eyewear manufacturer who produces eyewear the European way, in high quality, durable and with a Swiss "Berlac" paint finish. 

ROGER is an easy and fashionable collection with soft shapes, exciting colors made from high quality materials according to the newest techniques.

Simple shapes put into an exciting frame.