About us...

Roger Eye Design is founded in 2007 by Roger Hoppenbrouwers.

Roger started RED from an optician’s point of view, with over 30 years of experience and a nose for trends.

Because of the overall standard sizes by the big design houses, he bumped into a shortage of smaller- and “progressive” sizes.

Well...a simple solution for a creative mind.

A new brand was born “ROGER “.

The “ROGER “ collection is an easy and fashionable eyewear collection with soft shapes, exciting colors and high quality materials, made according to the newest techniques.

Simple shapes put into an exciting frame.

“ROGER “ is here to stay for a long time and develops his own trend and fashion for every face.

As one of few Dutch eye-designers of the Netherlands, “ROGER “ is a brand to take into account.

“ROGER “ watch me go...